The MAXI CABINATO, are automatic single-unit water softeners with a fibreglass cylinder and a 255 series AUTOTROL valve.

• Electrical power supply: 220 V 50 Hz (on request 220V 60Hz, 110V 50Hz)
• Maximum flow rate: 1500 l/h
• RQuick-fit unions for connection with the brine
• Unions for water mains’ connection: ½”, ¾” with mixer, 1″ with mixer
Quantity of water softened on the basis of the hardness
degree ° f MAXI
30 ° f 4000
40 ° f 3000
50 ° f 2400
60 ° f 2000
• Fibreglass cylinder capacity: 24l
• Resin: 17 l
• Regeneration salt: 4 Kg
• Quantity of salt in the brine: 50 Kg
*(the measure expressed in mm)

We recommend always using a mechanical filter (see NK and NL filter pages) up stream of the water softener, in order to block any impurities in the water, which can cause even consistent damage to the water system.