Manual water softeners


Our manual water softeners are planned right down to the finest detail to be safe and easy to use.

They are used for softening the water used to supply espresso coffee machines, dishwashers and small boilers, etc….,

to prevent scale forming caused by hard water.

• The “LT” ” model with two stop cocks, one feed cock and one drain cock.
• The “LT” version is available in five sizes: LT5 LT8 LT12 LT16 LT20.
• The parts of the cylinder and the cover are made of AISI304 stainless steel.
• The cover is made up of two separate parts to make it easier and safer to open and close.
• Strong cationic resin in a sodium form is used for softening and must be regenerated with sodium chloride.

The resin is conform to the rules and regulations concerning foodstuffs.
• Fittings for connection to the water mains: 3/8″G , 3/4″G. •

quantity of water softened on the basis of the hardness in French degrees
5LT 8LT 12LT 16LT 20LT
30°f 550 1000 1500 2100 3000
40°f 400 900 1350 1800 2600
60°f 300 700 1050 1400 2100
80°f 200 500 750 1000 1500