Brand: JKS Model :SUPEREKO


SUPEREKO cold-rooms have been designed in order to fulfil every kind

of modern conservation needs.

The high quality of our SUPEREKO cold rooms and our innovative production

procedure allow us to respect the most restrictive hygienic sanitary

norms to forehead of a high flexibility and rapidity of assemblage

SUPEREKO rooms are made by modular panels of different width of

400-600-800-1000-1200 in different thickness of 70-100-130 mm

The insulation is obtained by the injection of expanded rigid polyurethane

( density 40-42 kg/m3 closed cells 95%)

The assembling of the panels is made by using eccentric hooks (camelock).

Floor and ceiling panels are recessed in the vertical panels in

order to assure a more harmonious aesthetical look

The internal and external covering of the walls panels is made of galvanized-

prepainted non-toxic steel sheets while the floor panel is covered

by antislip stainless steel Aisi 304 with a suitable internal reinforce for

a better distribution of the load

On request are available different covering made by plasticized steel

sheets, stainless

s steel Aisi 304 and reinforced floor for heavier loads