The perfect manual kitchen tool : simple and practical to use for rapidly and efficiently dicing vegetables.

Its patended grid system made with surgical stainless steel blades, ensures a clean consistent cut of vegetables, fruit and certain cooked meat.

Great fo soft vegetables.

Funnel for positioning the food preparation
Long harm handle for easy operation.
Three snap clips make changing and cleaning the grids easy
Stainless-steel chute guides large quantities into a smaller container
Total height and diameter : H 330 mm/13″ x Ø 400 mm/15.75″
Weight : 3,1 Kgs/6.2 lbs

5 types of grid sets (including pusher)

7 x 7 mm-1/8″
8,5 x 8,5 mm%-1/4″
10 x 10 mm-3/8″
14 x 14 mm-1/2″
17 x 17 mm-3/4″